Are you cracking marketing glow sticks?

I bought a tube of glow sticks last summer, thinking they would be fun to have for summer nights with my four-year-old. I tossed them into the outside toys bucket and forgot about them. Best of intentions, right? As we pulled said bucket out recently to get the water toys out (because, you know, it’s blazing hot already in Texas 🔥), I found the tube of glow sticks.

They’re not very effective during the day, I’ll tell ya that. But I knew my son would love them. So I took them inside so I would see them and remember them when it got dark.

Let me pause to remind you that we live in an RV. Space is limited, so it’s a big commitment to leave something on the counter. We also left that outside toys bucket in the RV’s outdoor storage space, which means it’s protected from the elements, but not from the temperatures. So those glow sticks have endured a blazing summer and a really cold winter. They’re glow sticks, only meant to last 24 hours, so not the highest quality product here.

ANYWAY. I pulled one out that night, thinking I was going to be the coolest mom sending my son to bed with a glow stick. He was so excited. He started to crack it. Aaaaaaand….. nothing. It was a dud. No problem; let me grab another. Same result. 10 glow sticks in, and we have 2 that light up. Bummer.

So now, each night, we crack glow sticks until we find two that work that he can take to bed with him. It’s exhausting and a waste of time every night painstakingly cracking one glow stick at a time.

The glow sticks make me think about my clients. Often when we get started, they’re exasperated because they’ve been cracking glow sticks with marketing tactics and hoping they’ll light up and work. 🌟Marketing doesn’t have to be that way. 🌟

If you’re tired of cracking glow sticks and want to have reliable marketing “glow”, let’s talk. I can help you clarify your message and simplify your marketing so you can focus on the fun of the summer evening.