Don’t Play Hide and Seek With Your Customers

My four-year-old is learning how to play hide and seek. He’s in the beginning stages where he hides in the same spot we just hid in, and he giggles the whole time he’s hiding. We’ll count and start our search to find him with a “Ready or not, here I come”. This usually makes him giggle, and we’ll see the curtains he’s hiding behind ripple. As we get closer, he might even laugh, or better year, pull the curtains back to see just how close we are.

“Where are you….?”

To which he responds “I’m right here!” telling us (in case we didn’t already know) exactly where he is.

He’s not trying to trick us. He’s not trying to win. We asked a question, and he is here to help. From a tactical hide-and-seek perspective, his strategy is limiting him. But from a marketing perspective, he’s winning.

When we are trying to get new customers, whether it’s on social media, in person, or on a website, we need to giggle, ripple the curtains, and tell people what to do to find us. People are not going to go out of their way to figure that out. If they don’t know how to take action or what to do to do business with you, they’ll lose interest and go find someone else (your competitors) who will tell them exactly how to do business with them.

Your beautiful website and incredible company history are nothing without a clear message and a direct call to action. 

What does this look like in action? A call to action button in the top right corner of your website and call to action buttons throughout your homepage. Don’t make people play hide and seek with you. After every section, tell them how to do business with you.

On social media, close out your posts with a call to action: call us now, schedule your appointment, book your appointment now.

Not many people like sales, so we often shy away from the direct call to action because we don’t want to be pushy. But your potential customers want that (not slimeball salesy, but they want you to be direct and tell them what to do).

Are you calling people to action and telling them how to do business with you with every interaction they have? I challenge you to increase the number of asks/calls to action you put out there this week.

Do you need help calling people to action? Schedule an intake call, and we can talk about building a full marketing and sales plan for you so you don’t have to play hide and seek with your customers.