Facebook or Instagram?

Did someone tell you that your business needs to be on Instagram? Did someone set up a Facebook Business account for you but you rarely do anything with it? These are some of the things we hear from clients who come to us and don’t know which social media platforms they should be on, or even which ones exist! As a business owner, having a presence on social media is crucial, but which platform is right for you? 

The two most common social media platforms you hear about are Facebook and Instagram, so we’re going to break those down for you. While Facebook has been around longer, Instagram has quickly grown in popularity. Facebook purchased Instagram and rebranded, so now both social media platforms are owned by parent company, Meta. 

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022, ranked by number of monthly active users (in millions) | Statista
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Do you need both Facebook and Instagram?

That depends. Your goals, type of business, and audience (customers/clients) will determine which platform will work best for you. When deciding on which platform to focus on, ask yourself these questions:

What are my goals on social media? 

Who am I trying to reach (audience)? 

Instagram Highlights

On Instagram, photography and video are the most important elements. If you post eye-catching product photography and videos about your brand or your products, you are sure to get people to stop scrolling and see what you have to offer. 

The Reels feature on Instagram is a great way to reach people who aren’t already following you. This is a fantastic feature because it is FREE advertising! You post a great Reel (video), Instagram uses its algorithm to show it to people who like similar types of videos, and you get new eyes on your content. Winning! 

Highlights of Facebook

Facebook allows you to post longer content (though don’t if you don’t have to!) and allows you to link externally in your post (a feature Instagram does not have).

A Facebook Business Page is different from your personal profile. Rather than friends, people will be invited to like your page. 

Your customers can leave reviews on your Facebook Business Page to help show others how great you are! 

Your Facebook Business Page has a pretty robust “About” section, so you can include contact information, your hours of operation, address, links to your website or lead generators, and even a few paragraphs to invite your customers into a story. 


If you choose to go with both Facebook and Instagram, make sure you mix it up. In order to keep your customers engaged in your content, make sure that you aren’t always posting the same photos with the same captions to both platforms. It’s okay to do that every once in a while, but folks will get bored if they see the exact same content on Facebook as they do on Instagram. If you’ve got both platforms, you want people to be excited about interacting with you and getting different content from each one. 

Tips For Using Either Platform

Mix it up by using all the features the platforms have to offer. Post about the same thing in different ways with posts, stories, and (on Instagram) Reels to get the most engagement on your page.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Finally, let’s talk about TikTok. All those TikTok trends can be intimidating, but here’s the truth: TikTok can help build any business, including yours! Within the next two years, all small businesses are going to need to be on TikTok to stay relevant and competitive. Why not start now? You don’t have to participate in the trends you see to effectively use TikTok. 

You Got This

If you’re stuck, feeling unmotivated, or are stressed about how to handle social media and marketing for your business, let’s chat! Book a time on my calendar here.

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