How to Create a Marketing Plan and Stick to it!

Looking for a marketing plan that will finally work?

Set reasonable expectations

It’s easy to see other people’s stories of success and compare yourself to them, however, it’s important to remember to not compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 10. If you’ve been spinning all the plates and your business’ marketing has been a tad neglected (no judgment!), you’re not the only one. Have realistic expectations and don’t expect that you’ll start creating blog posts, lead generators, and viral content every week. Instead, start small. The first week, get organized with your content and post one thing. In the second week, see if you can create two weeks’ worth of content in one sitting. Celebrate small victories, and keep inching forward. 

Be intentional

You’re not doing yourself any favors when you post on social media just to post. You need to have a plan to cultivate your audience, offer value to them, and make the sale. What are the trends in your industry? Are there seasons that impact your customers’ behavior? Think of your posts like a piggy bank – you can’t always withdraw (sell). You need to make deposits (offer value), too. 

Put it on your calendar

If you don’t make time for it, it won’t happen. A lot of businesses are slower on Friday afternoons, so why not “clock out” a little early, grab your laptop, and spend some time executing your marketing strategy? Even if you only commit 30 minutes per week to your marketing, I guarantee you’ll feel better about what you’re getting done. 

 Get Out of Your Element

When you’re in your normal workspace, it’s easy to get distracted by emails coming in, the piles of to-do tasks on your desk, and people knocking on your door interrupting you for “just one quick question”. The only thing you end up doing is staring at a blank screen and trying to start the same post for 30 minutes. Try focusing on your business somewhere else instead. Go to a park (if it’s not Texas in the middle of the summer), work at your local public library, or sit at your dining room table. You’ll notice that you’re in a much clearer headspace if you get out of your normal working environment.

Focus on Your Customer

A marketing plan exists ultimately to help you grow your business. But as you put your marketing plan in place, make sure it’s centered around your customer and not on your profits. What are their pain points? How can your business help them solve their problems? How are you going to earn their trust? What can you offer of value to them before they make the sale? When you make things about your customer and not yourself, you’ll see greater success. 

Ask for the Sale

If you’ve brought your marketing plan to life, started tracking analytics, and seen more reach and engagement but not more business, you may feel discouraged (and duped because you did what I told you to do!). There are lots of things we can look at to troubleshoot together, but the first question I want you to consider is whether you asked for the sale. Did you actually tell people how to do business with you? Not every business owner is comfortable with being this direct, but it’s important because it helps your audience know exactly what you want them to do. 

Need help making a plan for your marketing strategy? Not sure how to make your customer the hero? Danielle Bornowski is a certified StoryBrand Guide and can help you clarify your message and simplify your marketing. 


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