Just start already!

🐥 We did a thing. I say that like it was spontaneous. It wasn’t, but it’s still a big thing for us. We got chickens.

They’re nervous. They went through the US Postal System (which can be stressful for humans!) before arriving in a new place. It’s a nice place with nice people, but it’s still new and different. Each day they’re warming up more and more. For the first few days, they only stayed in the roost. Now, they’re coming out of the roost and into the run. They’re staying close to each other and running back into the roost at the slightest shift in the status quo. But they’re stepping those feet out one at a time and just giving it a shot in this new home.

As business owners thinking about marketing, we do the same thing. “I don’t know marketing, I’m a/an [insert job title here].” Guess what? You don’t have to “know marketing”. Really, you just have to care. Most business owners would tell you that they know they “need marketing” and have no clue where to start. What is marketing? How do you do it in a way that enhances your business? Do you have to take selfies/be a good writer/have a phone that takes great photos?

There are so many questions you can pose that you could absolutely use as an excuse not to start today. Throw those in the trash 🗑.

Be like my chicks: go try something. Just one thing. And then try another. Small victories will get you closer to your goal.

Not sure where to start? Here are three easy things you can do to improve your marketing right now:
🔎 Put a CTA (call to action) button in the top right-hand corner of your website. People don’t want to have to figure out how to do business with them. Make it easy: tell them how.
📲 Post on social media. I don’t care what. Just post. (Pro tip: people love photos of people and animals. So take a selfie behind the counter or snap a shot of your cute pup).
📢 Go tell someone about your business. Again, details don’t matter. At the grocery store, at a networking event, at church. Talk about your business and invite people into your story.IMG_0675