Get More Business With the Lowest Hanging Fruit

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any company – without them, businesses would have no way of finding new customers and expanding their operations. When looking for sales, prioritize the low-hanging fruit – your current customers. With them, it’s all about relationship building. Here are six tips to get more business by leveraging your existing…

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What is a Lead Magnet?

You’ve likely heard of a lead generator or lead magnet before but may not be certain exactly what they are and how they can help your business. Lead generators are important to have in order to grow your business. Just like you wouldn’t meet someone for the first time and ask them to marry you,…

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Stop Hating Marketing

photo of Danielle sitting at table about to write

It’s become increasingly difficult to stand out in a noisy and crowded marketplace, which makes it easy for a small business to feel like they can’t compete with the big guys when it comes to getting new customers. Here’s the secret: customers buy products from the company they can understand, not the company with the…

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How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

scrabble letters spellng out social media

Social media management can be daunting and overwhelming. If you’ve ever wished someone would just tell you what to do, you’ve come to the right place. At DQB Strategies, we’re here to help you with your social media, whether you want us to do it for you or you just need a little help along…

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Email Marketing Tips

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed about how to get started with email marketing for your business. Follow these simple tips to kickstart your email marketing. 1. Build your list. The first step to any email marketing campaign is building your list. This can be done through lead capture forms on your website, sign-up incentives like…

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Advice for Creating Videos for Your Social Media Platforms

Videos are queen on social media. We used to say that about pictures. If we were using math symbols, we’d say videos>multi-photo posts>photos>graphics>posts with no visual Don’t expect your social media reach or engagement to grow if you aren’t using photos and videos every day. Here’s the thing, we understand that taking photos and videos…

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How to Inform Your Customers of Your COVID-19 Updates

Things seem to change on a daily basis right now. With regulations that change, causing business closures and openings, people are having a hard time keeping up with their favorite businesses. They are unsure whether businesses are closed, open, or operating on a modified basis. As a business owner, there are several ways you can…

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Three Simple Ways to Engage Your Audience Online

No one knows all of the nuances and details of the algorithms of social media. However, we have seen consistencies and patterns in posting and promotion. What we do know is that social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter all rank you higher as a business with the more engagement that your audience…

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Burning Rubber: My Favorite Podcasts for the Car

photo of headphones

I live in a small town (Elgin) that is the suburb past a suburb of Austin, Texas. My office is in my home, so I don’t have a daily commute, but I regularly drive into Austin for networking events and meetings with clients. Anywhere in Austin is at least a 30-minute drive (without traffic) from…

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