What is a Lead Magnet?

You’ve likely heard of a lead generator or lead magnet before but may not be certain exactly what they are and how they can help your business.

Lead generators are important to have in order to grow your business. Just like you wouldn’t meet someone for the first time and ask them to marry you, you can’t ask someone to do business with you the minute you shake hands for the first time. 

In the dating world, you would meet someone and ask them out on a series of dates. If you both feel compatible, after discussing your future, you get married. Your lead magnet is your first date. It’s an opportunity for your potential customer to get to know your business and how it can help solve a problem they have. After that, you can date some more (they follow you on social media, you send nurture emails, etc.). Then you’re ready to ask them to marry you (you ask for the sale). 

In exchange for access to your lead magnet, your potential customer gives you their email address. This is the key. In giving you their email address, they are giving you permission to ask them out on a second date – to reach out to them again. From there, you can put them into an email nurture sequence and then a sales campaign. They may not be ready to buy right away, but having your customer’s contact information to stay in touch will ensure that when they are ready to solve their problem, your business is top of mind and the one they choose to work with. 

Keep in mind, a good lead generator should:

  • Appeal to your target market.
  • Solve a pain point your target audience has.
  • Be directly related to the problem your business solves. 
  • Provide a quick solution. (Your ideal client should gain knowledge or information they can put to use right away.)
  • Include a clear call to action. (Tell them exactly what you want them to do next.)

A lead generator demonstrates that you understand the pain points that your customer is facing and establishes your authority in your industry. The lead magnet gives them the chance to learn more about how your business is the guide to help them solve their problem. 

Examples of lead magnets: 

  • Online quiz
  • PDF download (cheat sheet, checklist, how-to)
  • Webinar
  • E-book
  • Free consultation

A lead magnet or lead generator is an incredibly important thing for every business and industry to use. 

Pro tip: The easiest lead generator to start is with a downloadable PDF checklist. 

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